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If a Roof Inspection of your Roof Surface Condition on a  formal Roof Report – from a licensed roofing professional is what you need – then the Affordable Roofing Roof Report is your answer.

Why are Home Inspectors Reports saturated with disclaimers and waivers? Because they are not Licensed Roofing Contractors that specialize in roofing repairs, installation, and roofing maintenance.

Affordable Roofing is not a general house inspector doing property inspections; we are a Licensed Contractor Specializing in Roofing and offering Quality Roof Inspections and Professional Reports.

After water testing the roof, if available, Affordable Roofing’s Roof Report will list items that need attention, recommendations, and require maintenance along with the surface condition of the roof covering; listing if the roof membrane has any splits, corrosion, granule loss, ridging, and much more. The overall roof condition along with any visible water damage, signs of termite, rodent, and mold damage will be noted.

Roof Reports are available for ALL types residential and commercial structures:roof inspection property inspector

  • single family homes
  • duplexes
  • manufactured homes
  • condo & townhouse
  • multifamily complexes
  • retail and industrial

We will provide a quality formal Roof Report at an affordable price that won’t break the bank.


Contact Us for more information about having a Roof Report performed on a retail, commercial and industrial building or order your Roof Report now for residential property by clicking above.