Roofing Work Authorization Form So Affordable Roofing Can Start Work

Work Authorization

Repair Estimate Acceptance – In Order To Start Work – Complete Form Below

Customers can approve roof repair estimates within 10 days from of date on Estimate. So please review the date prior to acceptance. Most importantly have the estimate with you when completing this form. Estimate number is located on the top right corner of Roof Repair Estimate.

Questions or concerns please call us at 407-935-0050. We most certainly appreciate your business!

By completing the form below, and clicking Submit, you accept the estimate and authorize A/R to start work.

AUTHORIZATION TO PROCEED WITH WORK; I am the Owner or Authorized Representative (herein after “Owner”) of the Jobsite Address at which work is to be done. I hereby authorized Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. (herein after “A/R”), a roofing company, to perform said work, and to use such labor, materials and equipment as A/R deems advisable in accordance with the Estimate provided by A/R.

I understand and acknowledge that by accepting this work I am providing my electronic signature for A/R to proceed with this work in accordance with any and all applicable laws specifically including, but not limited to, the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and/or Chapter 668, Florida Statutes.