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roof inspection reports in Kissimmee Florida

Roof Reports, Inspections and Exams

Is your roof less than 10 years old?

Do you have all of your shingles or tiles still on your roof?

Have you seen any leaks?

You should know the overall condition of your roofing system.

Our affordable roof report is one way you can get all the information you need and by a quality, professional and honest roofing contractor.

What’s better yet, we can provide this quality detailed roof report at an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

Types of Roofing Structures

Roof reports are available for ALL types of residential and commercial structures:

>  Single family homes
>  Duplexes
>  Manufactured homes
>  Condo & townhouse
>  Multifamily complexes
>  Retail and industrial

As well as all types of roofing material.

Roof Report Information

We have a 19-point maintenance inspection which includes: edge metal, joints, drains, gutters, vents, flashing and more.

We also have a 10-point surface inspection which includes: cracks, corrosion, standing water, granule loss, physical damage and more general conditions such as alterations, deck sagging, overall roof condition, and more.

We aim to be as thorough as possible so along with the overall roof condition we will include any visible water damage, any signs of termite or rodent presence or damage and then if there is any mold damage, those will be noted.

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The Difference & Benefits of Roof Inspections

Home inspectors reports that you typically get when you buy a house are different from our roofing report for a variety of reasons. In addition, they are providing a general overview of your home are saturated with disclaimers and waivers.

First, the home inspection report reviews a large variety of things which includes your roof, such as plumbing, structures, dimensions, photos, etc. The intention of this report is to provide you with information you may need so that you can make an informed decision on the purchase of that home.

Note that home inspectors are not licensed roofing contractors that specialize in roofing repairs, installation, and roofing maintenance. Similarly, Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. is not a general house inspector doing property inspections.

We are a licensed roofing contractor specializing in roofing and offering quality roof-specific inspections and professional reports solely on the condition of your roof.

After water testing the roof, if available, Affordable Roofing’s roof report will list items that need attention, recommendations, and require maintenance along with the surface condition of the roof covering. It will mention if the roof membrane has any splits, corrosion, granule loss, ridging, and much more. The overall roof condition along with any visible water damage, signs of termite, rodent, and mold damage will also be noted.

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