Skylight Types, Styles and Options

Add a skylight to your Kissimmee roof

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Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. specializes in skylight repairs and installations.

Skylights and sun tunnels can let natural light into dark places and help save energy cost.; all while giving you all the benefits of experiencing sunlight indoors.

A roof window and tubular skylight can bring the light directly into your space while filtering out the harmful UV rays that may fade upholstery’s and carpets.

Sun tunnels and solar tube come in a rigid and flexible design letting them work in a variety of roof styles and types. If you have an area that a traditional skylight may not work, or a smaller area such as a hall or bathroom, a sun tube is a perfect solution to let natural light in.

Vented and Fixed Roof Skylight options.

Roof Window, Skylight, Tube Information

Customize your skylights and solar tubes with mix and match accessories:

> Light add-ons provide the convenience of a switch for night time use.

> Ventilation kits allow increased air ventilation in the ceiling.

> Daylight dimmers give you the control to let as much or as little daylight enter a room.

> Insect screens for vented skylights to let the air in but keep the bugs out.

> Roof window and skylight blinds available in blackout, light filtering, and venetian enables you to find the best option for your style and needs in your home or business.

Styles, glazes, sizes, and colors vary. We are happy to assist with your skylight repair or installation.

Roof Skylight Diagram to help you decide on what you need