Solar Powered Roof and Attic Vent Options

Affordable Roofing offers Sun powered vents for roofs

Roof Solar Vents

‘Go Green’ for your home or business – Roof mounted solar exhaust fans can be installed on flat roofs and sloped roofs.

Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. offers going green solar power roof and attic ventilation solutions and installations.

What are solar energy vents?

Solar powered attic vent fans are a smart alternative to traditional roofing vents. Roof mounted solar attic vents collect power from the direct sun to convert into electricity, photovoltaic cells, which then powers the motor inside without using electricity.

Saving energy and money – better for your pocket and the environment.

Solar Powered Attic Vent Styles

Get solar powered roof or attic fan for improved efficiency in Florida by Affordable Roofing
Natural Light Solar Roof and Attic Fan by Affordable Roofing
Solar Roof Building Materials by Affordable Roofing

Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Vents

> Rust resistant
> Warranties up to 25 years*.
> NO electrician required
> Quiet operation
> They operate on solar energy
> No harmful pollutants
> Operated without fuel
> Possible tax credits

Many factors can affect the amount of attic ventilation a home needs. Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. will determine the correct size unit or units needed for your specific installation using our solar power calculator.

Don’t call a solar company to install a roofing vent call us 407-935-0050, to have your garage, shed, or whole house sun powered attic fan installed.

Additional solar roofing products available. Contact Us to learn more.