Roof Maintenance

Debris on roof and in gutters

Roofing Maitenance

Just as you maintain your car; proactive maintenance is essential to achieve maximum life expectancy from your roof.

As with any investment, your roof needs to be monitored and maintained to ensure peak performance. The Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. Maintenance Program is a long term preventative roof management plan that can help care for your roof and protect your investment.

Enjoy the peace of mind with a Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. – Roof Maintenance Program which includes a priority response to any of your roofing problems.

In event of sudden water intrusion you are assured of priority attention from a qualified company that knows your roof.

Roof Maintenance Graph

Superior roofing preventative maintenance program
> The RED line represents roofing expenditures over time on a typical roof that is not regularly maintained. Notice the costly unexpected roof repairs and the roof replacement much too early.
> The BLUE line represents roofing expenditures over time on a typical roof that is regularly maintained. Notice the steady predictable costs and the planned replacement after a long useful life.

Besides offering you peace of mind, our Maintenance Program will help keep you in compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Roof Maintenance Information


>  Priority service; especially important after a hurricane or storm.
>  Debris removal and gutter cleaning.
>  Semi-annual inspections.
>  Eliminate expensive emergency repairs.
>  Correct minor problems.
>  Saving money by extending the roof life.
>  Minor tree trimming of overhanging limbs.
>  Discount on repairs, re-roofs & roofing-overs.
>  Checking all penetrations and resealing.
>  Keeps you in compliance with your manufacture and workmanship warranties.
>  Protect the building and contents.
>  May increases the value of the property.

Request and Estimate

If you are a current maintenance customer, NO need to try to get through on our phone lines with 1000’s of others – We reach out to you. Current Maintenance Customers get priority service over new customers.

Learn more and contact Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc., a superior roofing company, for your quote for a Roof Maintenance Program.

Roof Maintenance Importance

Our goal with this roofing service program is to help you protect the roof of your commercial or home property from costly damage by identifying and eliminating small problems before they become expensive.

Another reason for proper preventative roof maintenance is that most manufacture and workmanship warranties require that you, the owner, conduct semi-annual inspections, document the findings of the inspection, and make necessary repairs. Failure to ensure that all these actions are taken can mean that you are not maintaining the roof, which may leave the warranty void.