5V Metal Roofing Panel by Affordable Roofing

5V Metal Roofing Panels

Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. is a quality roofing company. We have expert roofers skilled in the repair and installation of 5V-Crimp roof metal. 5-V is a proven quality definitive sheet metal roof system.

5V-Crimp roofing metal is versatile and performs well on residential and commercial buildings and structures. It has an exposed nail pattern.

The traditional double “V” shaped ribs, as well as the low-profile of the panel make 5V-Crimp metal roofing panel a great option for almost any style or type of roof.

Most noteworthy are the new maximum design pressures for 5V-Crimp metal panel’s are proven to last through some of highest winds and harshest weather conditions on record.

Classic 5V Crimp Metal Panel Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell

5-V Metal Roof Panel

Affordable Roofing uses MPH Wind Rating Roof Material
MPH Limited Manufacture Warranty*
Affordable Roofing helps protect Metal panels by using a coat protection - keeps from chipping, fading, cracking, peeling
Coating Limited Manufacture Warranty*
Affordable Roofing offers Manufacture Product Warranties
Limited Manufacture Warranty*

5V Metal Roof Panel Color standard options. Custom Colors available.

One of the first metal roofing panels to grow in national popularity, 5 V-Crimp Roofing Panels has been used for decades.

>  Sidelap seam with exposed fasteners;
>  Available in 26 gauge and 29 gauge;
>  Residential, Agricultural, Architectural, Light Commercial, Industrial;
Class A UL Fire Rating*; and
>  Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County Approved.

Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. offers quality 5V Crimp metal roof installation.

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5V Metal Roofing Panel by Affordable Roofing

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