Roof Report Order Form

Roof Exam and Report includes:
>  19 Point Maintenance Inspection including: Edge Metal, Joints, Drains, Gutters, Vents, Flashing, and more.
>  10 Point Surface Inspection including: Cracks, Corrosion, Standing Water, Granule Loss, Physical Damage and more
>  General Conditions Inspection including: Alterations, Deck Sagging, Overall Roof Condition, and more.
>  Notes of Recommendations, Findings, along with visible Water, Termite, and Rodent Damage.

AUTHORIZATION TO PROCEED WITH WORK; I am the Owner or Authorized Representative (herein after “Owner”) of the Jobsite Address at which work is to be done. I hereby authorized Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. (herein after “A/R”), a roofing company, to perform said work, and to use such labor, materials and equipment as A/R deems advisable.

I understand and acknowledge that by accepting this work I am providing my electronic signature for A/R to proceed with this work in accordance with any and all applicable laws specifically including, but not limited to, the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and/or Chapter 668, Florida Statutes.

I understand and acknowledge that A/R must have access to running water at jobsite for water testing to be performed.

Roof Report and roof covering inspection does NOT include: inspection under the roof cover, any warranties or guarantees, and/or refunds.