Roof Tarp Order Form

Not Sure what to size of tarp to select? Email Us a picture of your roof and/or the damaged area inside with a description. We will recommend a solution to best fit your needs before you continue with the below Roof Tarp Order Form. Email:

If tarps are not available we will notify you that your request cannot be fulfilled. Request for Emergency Roof Tarping is subject to availability of roofing tarps.

We recommend you contact your Property Insurance Provider to verify coverage for the roof tarping service and any recommendations they may provide to you.

Your temporary roof tarp is covered by a 30 day warranty. This warranty guarantees the workmanship from the tarp coming off the roof under normal weather conditions.

NO REFUNDS. Once payment is received we start working immediately, gathering supplies, ordering and picking up materials, and rescheduling or canceling already scheduled customers. Therefore, you will be responsible for the full amount if you cancel after you submit payment. Invoice will be emailed to your email address provided. Time and work starts after payment has been received.

WAIVE RIGHT TO CANCEL; I am the buyer in this transaction, which is a contract initiated by me in connection with the making of emergency or immediate necessity repairs or services that are necessary for the immediate protection of persons or real or personal property. I have been fully informed of my right to cancel this transaction is not applicable for this emergency tarping request. I will provide my statement for requesting the emergency service.

AUTHORIZATION TO PROCEED WITH WORK; I am the Owner or Authorized Representative (herein after “Owner”) of the Jobsite Address at which work is to be done. I hereby authorized Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. (herein after “A/R”), a roofing company, to perform said work, and to use such labor, materials and equipment as A/R deems advisable.

I understand and acknowledge that by accepting this work I am providing my electronic signature for A/R to proceed with this work in accordance with any and all applicable laws specifically including, but not limited to, the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and/or Chapter 668, Florida Statutes.