Roofing Warranty Options

Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. provides the best and most complete, detailed Workmanship warranties available in the American roofing construction industry.

You can have Peace of Mind assurance that if you sell your home or business our warranty is able to be transferred. Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. Workmanship warranties can be transferred electronically through our website, see details. We are the only roofing company to offer this easy, fast, and efficient online workmanship warranty transfer option in the roofing industry.

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The most important thing that you need to understand as a homeowner is that there are two types of standard warranty coverage:

>  The manufacturer’s product warranty, which covers the product against defects in the materials, see product warranty for details*.

> Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. workmanship warranty, which is not a product warranty but a labor workmanship warranty, see actual warranty for details*.

As the homeowner it is in your best interest to read both warranties and follow up with the manufacturer and us with questions about coverage.

Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. Labor Warranties:
>  Roof Replacements – Up to Lifetime “NO LEAK” Workmanship Warranty.  See actual Warranty for details*.
>  Roof Waterproofing – 10 Year “NO LEAK” Workmanship Warranty with a 10 year renewal option. See actual Warranty for details*.
>  Roof Repairs – Up to 1 year Workmanship Warranty. See actual Warranty for details*.

Registering your manufacturer’s warranty is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Simply click on their logo and you’ll be taken directly to roofing manufacturer’s website.
  2. Enter all the required information needed to accurately register your roofing materials warranty.
  3. Click the Submit button to complete or you can print it out and email or regular mail your registration to the manufacture

If you do not see the manufacture listed here or have any additional questions on warranties contact Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc. and/or one of our manufacturers, and we’ll do our best to help you.

Looking to transfer your Affordable Roofing by John Cadwell, Inc Labor Warranty? Just click – Transfer Warranty Request –  below in order to process your labor warranty transfer electronically. Please make sure you have your Contract #, current owner and new owner information. Transfer must be submitted within 30 days of real estate transfer. See your contract for more information.