Decorating for the Holidays Without Damaging Your Roof or You

Use these tips to decorate your roof w/o getting hurt

One of the best parts of the holidays is enjoying the decorating process (or maybe looking at the fruits of your labor).  It should go without saying, a fun decorating adventure should obviously be a safe one.  If you want to do your part to make sure that your roof and you both stay safe when enjoying the decorating process, here are some great tips!

Decorating your home without a trip to the hospital

Invest in a good ladder

Whether you intend on putting lights along your gutters or getting up on the roof to put something up there, you’re going to need a ladder—a good one.  Maybe borrow one from a neighbor but don’t “make do” with whatever you have, like a chair or rotted out ladder.  A safe ladder is crucial to both getting up and getting back down safely.

Also, never go up on a ladder without someone on the ground to hold the ladder and/or spot you.  The risks are just too great, no matter how overkill it sounds!  Plus, should you need something or trip or something, it’s good to have someone on the ground to help.

Going up?  Gear up!

Whether you are going up that ladder 4 feet or 30 feet, dress for it.  This means reliable, non-slip boots, extra padding (in case of a slip or fall), grip gloves, and a maybe a helmet if you are accident prone or getting up in there age.  Does it mean extra time and effort?  Yes.  Is it worth it? Also yes.  Safety should always be a priority, and you need to dress the part of a professional if you’re going to act like one!

Skipping this step is how injuries to you, and damage to your home, happen.  Play it safe and gear up to do whatever you can to prioritize your safety.

Remember that your decorations are temporary

When you are hanging decorations such as lights or adding an inflatable reindeer, etc., remember that your decorations are going to be temporary.  Don’t nail them down or stake them so hard that you damage your roof trying to get them in, or out!  With the options of modern clips and other things like that, you shouldn’t need to do anything to keep them secure and your house safe!

Get external grade electrical cords

You’ll be tempted to just use the typical indoor extension cords, but please resist the temptation!  External and exterior grade electrical cords are designed to withstand the elements and be safe and secure for use.  Since no one wants to get shocked or have a fire, this is essential.

Have a roofer check it out

Not sure what you should do or not do?  Do you want to have someone come double check that you put your decorations up without damaging your roof? This is a good step before the damage is done, obviously. Call in a professionally certified roofer to have a look!  The sooner you find out about any potential risk, the better.

It’s normal to get excited about decorating your home and roof for the holidays, but you’ll want to make sure that you find a way to do it that doesn’t put anyone at risk, including your home!  These tips are going to help you keep everyone in your home, as well as your home itself, safe and sound all holiday long.  All that, and you still get to enjoy your festive decorations!

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