Why Roof Maintenance is Important

Your roof is what keeps your home, your belongings and your loved ones safe.  As such, taking proper care of it is going to be extremely important both short- and long-term.  Did you know that regular roof maintenance could be what keeps it healthier for longer?  It could just be what saves you from costly repairs and replacements, too.


Yearly maintenance isn’t complex or intenseMan cleaning gutters for prolonged roof life in Florida

Common maintenance tasks include cleaning the gutters from leaves and other debris that end up there during hurricane season.  Also, check out different tiers of roof (if applicable) for any leaf or branch build-up that doesn’t fall straight off your roof like a traditional house.

You can do things like trim overhanging branches yourself, but if you are looking at removing moss or algae build-up, you’ll want to call in a professional to make sure that it is done safely and effectively without damaging your roof in the process.


Regular maintenance gives cheaper rates and better lifespan of your roof

Most people think of “roofing” as far as dollar signs, but if you’re just calling in someone for yearly maintenance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that it won’t be as much as you think.  This is because you are simply getting little tasks done regularly and these tasks will protect your roof and home effectively.  You aren’t getting your roof completely redone or repaired in a section.  These are small easily done tasks that can be done in a single day with a small bill to match them.

Even though the tasks are small, they are still worthwhile to do.  With the strong winds and the sheer, raw power of hurricanes, it’s important that you are doing what you have to do on a yearly basis to make sure that your roof is still secure and safe.  A strong and well-maintained roof is a safe roof, after all, and it will mean that you may be able to save yourself from major repairs or replacements of your roof sooner than later.


Always hire a professionally licensed contractor

Whether it’s cleaning the gutters, writing a report, restoration or even an assessment, you’ll want to make sure that you always hire a professionally licensed contractor.  As far as the Kissimmee and Tavares areas, we are your go-to local contracts with 23+ year’s experience and successes with 7,000 roofs and counting.  We hope that we’ll be able to make yours one of them, too.

Your roof depends on you to do what it takes to keep it in working order.  This means that you’re going to have to look at something like yearly maintenance — however your contractor defines it — to keep it in its best shape.  Not only is it great for peace of mind and ultimate safety, it will also help make your roof last longer for increased savings that way.  It really can make the difference, so make it a part of your yearly clean-up schedule.

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